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Friday, Feb. 24

A 27-year-old Edmore man missing for almost a month was found dead with the help of search dogs in a woods near his home on Wednesday. Eric J. Hodge was last seen Jan. 26 by his roommate...At the time the report was taken there were no indications that Hodge was missing under suspicious circumstances, however the sheriff’s office continued to make attempts to locate and contact him. After family including members who live out of state had not heard from him in a month, police searched this week and found his body...The investigation continues and an autopsy will be performed. At this time, Hodge’s death does not appear to be suspicious in nature and there is no safety concern.

Three Isabella County Sheriff’s patrol cars will soon be fitted with geothermal cameras that will help deputies find illegal marijuana operations and help find missing people. THe money comes in  part from a $13,642 grant from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, which will also pay a portion of the salary of a sheriff dept. Officer on the regional drug team. deputies will be able to use the cameras to see at night or in low-light situations as far as a mile.

Sacred Heart Junior Izzy K made it all the way to last night’s finale of Project RUnway Jr, but the 16-year-old couldn’t quite take home the grand prize. Izzy was the fits to be eliminated last night, landing in her fourth place in the competition overall...but that didn’t stop her from the same upbeat positivity she’s had all season. In an interview with the Morning SUn last night, Izzy talked about how much she grew and learned on the show...and she’s not stopping: she’ll be at the upcoming THreads fashion show at Central MIchigan University..You can check out a video of her finale collection on the flakes fb page

Conservation officers with the Michigan DNR got an up-close view of a bobcat and a little surprise when it was caught in a trap earlier this month.They  responded to a call from a trapper who had caught a bobcat in a foot hold trap and did not know how to release it….but they realized it wasn’t they freed it it slowly regained consciousness.  Then suddenly jumped five feet straight into the air and ran off into the wilderness.

St. Louis approved a demolition contract this week as the city prepares to tear down part of the old city hall building. The western wing of the building has a history of problems, including a chronically wet basement...tearing it down will leave the rest of the building just as useful, the city said. Work on the demolition is scheduled to begin as early as april. The rest of the building will have restoration work done this year as well


Protesters who had spent the better part of the year camped out at the Dakota Access oil pipeline camp were cleared in about 3 1/2 hours by authorities.  220 officers in full riot gear and 18 National Guardsmen searched tents and huts, which resulted in the arrest of 36 people who ignored orders to leave the grounds. One protester avoided arrest for more than an hour by climbing to the top of a building. That comes a day after opponents of the Dakota Access oil pipeline set fire to some of the few remaining remnants of camps. On Feb. 1, the Army Corps of Engineers was ordered to allow construction of the $3.8 billion pipeline project.

Thursday, Feb. 23

Last week we told you about a footbridge damaged by vandals in Alma’s Conservation Park; From the CFX/Morning Sun 24 hour newsroom...a few citizens took the problem on themselves and offered at least a temporary fix. That wooden bridge was destroyed and city officials had begun the process of discussing how to replace it; Sally and Randy Vernon of Alma...who use the trail often... used wood screws and new planks to get the bridge in working order as the city contemplates what to do permanently.

The need for News Literacy in the digital age is getting more attention as colleges like  The University of Michigan create classes that will help students evaluate fake news. The school is offering a Fall course aimed at helping students better critically evaluate news stories. School officials say one of the reasons the class is so needed right now is because it’s so easy to share information in much greater volume than in the past.

An inmate hit another and then brandished a shower curtain rod during a jailhouse scuffle in Mt. Pleasant that ended with neither man interested in pursuing charges against the other. Even so, the sheriff said  a report of the altercation was sent to the prosecutor’s office as a matter of procedure, though he does not expect charges will be filed once the case is reviewed. Minor skirmishes aren’t uncommon in the jail the sheriff said, and almost no one requests that police file a report and pursue charges but it’s a requirement to do’s the prosecutor’s job to weigh the risk and benefit of filing criminal charges.

It’s been an exciting season of Project Runway Junior for Izzy K. and tonight we all learn what she already knows: does the Sacred Heart Junior win it all? Izzy is one of four teen designers showing off a collection tonight on the lifetime channel show, competing for a scholarship, cash and more. The show airs at 9 pm….you can watch tonight right after the show for results and Izzy is scheduled to be in Friday morning with the Flakes to talk about what happens tonight.

Two former detroit police officers were sentenced yesterday -one to nearly 13 years the other to 9- for stealing from drug dealers while acting as police. The men, who worked for the now-disbanded Detroit Police Narcotics Unit, were accused of setting up fake busts and robbing drug dealers of cash, valuables and drugs under the guise of official could be upwards of millions of dollars over years stolen

An Ithaca business owner taking trash to his dumpster Tuesday found many small dead pigs -16 of them in fact-some surgically cut open with organs missing. The find spurred investigations by both the Gratiot County Sheriff’s Office and an agent from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, who will test the pigs for disease as police try to find the culprit or culprits. Each of the pigs was between two and two-and-a-half feet long...police also found medical grade scalpels, surgical masks and gloves in the dumpster. Police are keeping an open mind to all possibilities, but first impression is that the pigs were used by a medical business or in a teaching far they haven’t found a connection to any schools or businesses. If you have information, you can call the sheriff’s office in Ithaca. drug dealers by the rogue band of drug enforcement officers...


Wednesday, Feb. 22

In an update to a story we brought you yesterday, An autopsy indicated there was no foul play in the death of a Mt. Pleasant woman who was found face down in a hotel hot tub in Union Township Monday morning. Mabann Marie Teller, 26, was pronounced dead at the Baymont Inn on East Pickard Road shortly before 8 a.m. Monday after hotel guests found her unresponsive in the hot tub. Investigators are now waiting for results of toxicology tests, which could take as long as six weeks to complete. During the initial investigation those who were with her earlier in her stay said she was “very can find more details in that story on

In a report ranking traffic congestion in more than 1,000 cities across the world  and the country., Detroit ranked in the top 10 percent in the U.S. for having the worst traffic. The study is said to be the largest ever of its kind and reports Detroit drivers on average spent 33 hours in traffic last tyear. That time  cost each driver more than $1,000 for the year. THe US overall ranked as the country with the worst congestion, with drivers across the nation spending an average of 42 hours in traffic a year….that amounts to nearly $300 billion on driving...or waiting around in heavy traffic.

A Gratiot County business owner apologized for his actions before being sentenced to up to five years in prison on Tuesday for intentionally setting a huge fire in downtown Alma last year. Michael Allen young was ultimately sentenced to 18 months to 5 years for the arson, which destroyed two historic buildings and damaged another, causing upwards of $300,000 in damage and uprooting at least five businesses housed inside.

Second Graders at Carrie Knause St. Louis are trying to eliminate bench at a time. They recently worked to get a grant from Walmart for two “Buddy benches,” here’s how they work:  If a student is feeling alone, they will have a seat on the bench. It’s a visual cue to others that the student is feeling sad or lonely. Students can approach the bench and offer a listening ear or a friend to play with.

Lamborghini is recalling nearly 6,000 of its supercars due to a fire risk.  Included in the recall is one of the Italian automaker's rarest models in the $4 million limited edition Veneno, a self proclaimed street legal race car...there are only three of the Venenos in the world, but thousands of other Lamborghini models are also recalled because with a full tank, gasoline could come into contact with the exhaust system causing a fire.

Despite an unusually warm February, mid-Michigan residents can still indulge in a taste of winter this weekend at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. The third annual AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series-l is set to take place starting Friday morning and running through Saturday. With temperatures over 50 all week, other winter and snow themed events across the state have canceled. The Soaring Eagle, however, is prepared. they’ve been making their own snow all week in preparation for the event...and it looks like we may even have a little snowfall friday night as well.


Tuesday February 21, 2017 -

Purple and green ribbons hang throughout Alma right now, in memory of the great grand daughter of a Gratiot County man. 13-year-old Abigail Williams was murdered alongside 14-year-old Liberty Johnson werein Delphi, Ind. while walking on a park trail. Abigail’s maternal great grandfather, Royal Erskin, is from Vestaburg...Delphi police are still  searching for a suspect in the murders...meanwhile family and friends in mid michigan are showing their support for the girls’ families by hanging the ribbons.  There’s more in the story on

Michigan State University has decided to no longer allow whiteboards as an acceptable item on dorm doors as of the coming fall semester because of bullying through the boards. While the whiteboards were commonly used for friendly messages and inspirational quotes, they’ve recently been a tool for anonymous bullying...most recently a girl had a racist slur written on her door and that’s one of many incidents...MSU says with the rise of social media, white boards have become less and less about friendly messages, and students can now connect over the internet, making white boards unecessary.

Nationwide, 10 sites were designated last month as “proving grounds” for automated vehicles by the U.S. Department of Transportation for self-driving cars...including one in Michigan. WIllow Run is near yipsilanti township, and it was once a former General Motors plant. Before that, B-24 bombers were made on the proerty during during World War II. Proving grounds will be available for use by private industry, government, standards bodies and academia. Companies will be able to lease office space, garages and other amenities.

For the first time in weeks, AAA Michigan says gas prices statewide have fallen by about 5 cents per gallon. The average price Monday for self-serve regular unleaded gasoline was about $2.26 per gallon. That’s about 52 cents more than it was at the same point last year. T he lowest average price was ain the Benton Harbor areaWhile The highest average was in the Marquette area. It was the sixth consecutive week that Marquette had the highest average price in the state.

Teen suicide attempts in the U.S. declined after same-sex marriage became legal and the biggest impact was among gay, lesbian and bisexual kids, according to a study publshed this week. researchers analyzed data on more than 700,000 public high school students who participated in government surveys on risky youth behavior from 1999 through 2015, the year the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. In 32 states that enacted same-sex marriage laws during the study, suicide attempts dropped 7 percent among all students and 14 percent among gay kids after the laws were passed. There was no change in suicide attempts in states without those laws. Studies have found that overall 29 percent of lgb kids attempt suicide compared to 6 percent of straight kids.

Police have launched a suspicious death investigation after a woman’s body was found in the hot tub in a Mt. Pleasant hotel yesterday morning. From the morningsun-CFX 24 hour newsroom,  a 26-year-old Mt. Pleasant woman was discovered by other hotel guests face-down in a common-area hot tub at the Baymont Inn on Pickard at around 8 am. She was staying Sunday night in the hotel with friends, and police believe her friends were the last to see her alive...the sheriff said police are still gathering information to determine if foul play was involved, including investigating if there is surveillance footage and obtaining autopsy can find more in the story on



Monday - February 20, 2017 -


Mid-Michigan crushed previous highs for the same days in February over the weekend...and signs of spring are popping up all over...but will it last? In Alma temps hit 62 degrees saturday and on  sunday, highs around 60 beat a record set in 1913. Sap is running in shepherd and Storm and his friends say highs will be in the 50s and maybe even 60 through thursday...but winter might be coming back after that, with snow in the forecast thursday night and friday.

Students in Michigan are not even required to attend kindergarten...the law says a child who is 6 must be enrolled in first grade, anything before that is optional...but a new law proposed this week could change that. The new legislation would require mandatory full-day kindergarten for all Michigan children five years and older….some districts don’t even offer full day kindergarten now, so the law would require that change as well.


A 26-year-old Mt. Pleasant man has been arraigned after fleeing a Mt. Pleasant police officer for 15 miles at speeds over 100 mph on US-127 just after midnight Thursday. Roland Jackson was officially charged Friday in Isabella County Trial Court. An officer attempted to stop the man, who was driving a Mustang near Bellows and Mission when he fled north on Mission, eventually continuing north on US-127 After radioing for assistance, he was finally stopped by Clare police officers who used spike strips, which blew three of the four tires on the Mustang.

A 24-pound cabbage earned a shepherd fourth grader bragging rights, and a scholarship for college. Erin Long, took first place in Michigan from the National Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program….she said her secrets for growing the giant cabbage so big were weeding, watering and applying pesticide...she may just have a green thumb, as it was her very first attempt at growing a vegetable. Erin was one of 1.5 million children across the country growing giant cabbages and competed for best in state scholarships...third grade teachers can check out for more info on the program.

There were nine tickets sold that came within one number of winning the $361 million Powerball jackpot for the drawing on Saturday but the jackpot will keep growing as no one won the grand prize. That means the drawing on Wednesday, will be worth over $400 million with a cash option of $243.9 million...six of the nine tickets matching five numbers were $1 million winners, while the other three earned $2 million….none of those were in MIchigan, the highest prize in Saturday’s drawing here was for $50,000.

The Gratiot County Community Foundation has  over $100,000  in available in scholarships to to hand out this spring...if you’re a gratiot county high school senior or maybe even in college now, chances are they have something that fits you.  Scholarships from more than 30 funds are available for graduating high school seniors, college students, medical and dental students, Eagle Scouts, non-traditional students and even high school students studying art and music.  You can apply online by March 1 at


Police have not yet found a man who was swept away in the Saginaw River...after searching for seven hours yesterday the search was called off until daylight today. The 35 year old man went missing after he had attempted to leave behind his disabled boat and swim to shore around 8:25 p.m. Saturday night in Old Town saginaw;  He went under and never surfaced.


Friday, Feb. 17

MC Sports' plan to wind down and sell off the merchandise at its 68 stores in seven states after a bankruptcy judge gave interim approval....the owner said, they just ran out of cash and were unable to even buy spring merchandise. The judge gave  the company permission to honor $2 million worth of gift certificates and other incentive coupons….barring a rescue buyer of the chain, the company will sell off all of its existing merchandise by the end of April or early May.

A Republican-led House panel voted to cut Michigan’s income tax next year and eliminate it over a number of decades, despite “serious concerns” lodged by Gov. Rick Snyder. Supporters said the bill, would fulfill a nearly decade-old promise to reduce the tax  after it was raised to help balance the budget ten years ago. The reduction would cost the state’s general fund close to 2 billion over two years. That tax cut by the way equals $35 extra dollars in your bank account for each $10,000 of taxable income.

IF you Want to go fishing but don’t have a license it’s No problem — but just for a couple of days. The Michigan DNR hosts  its Winter Free Fishing Weekend for Saturday and Sunday. No license is required, although other fishing regulations will remain in force. The CHippewa Watershed Conservancy says of course, over the weekend you can fish from any of its preserve sites where the CHippewa River flows. YOu can find more free fishing events on

Currently closed for bridge construction, Lincoln Road in Union Township will get additional upgrades next year thanks in part to a grant award from the Michigan Department of Transportation. More than 40 percent of the cost of that project will be covered by the grant...the work will add turning lanes at the Broomfield intersection, add a storm sewer and make Lincoln a three-lane road from Broomfield north to the Chippewa River sometime in 2018...Right now the raod is closed between broomfield and High street, work is scheduled through the end of June on that bridge work.

Alma may be looking at a reduction in the number of the city’s police officers as a way to compensate for fewer state funds coming in. From the CFX-Morning Sun 24 hours newsroom, while  the use of fund balance money for operations this fiscal year - a first for the city - has put various items on the chopping block...the city argues that if the state is adding $175 million to its rainy day fund, some of that money should go to increased revenue sharing funds for municipalities, and amount that will not increase this year. That state revenue sharing program distributes sales tax collected by the state to local governments as unrestricted revenues.

More schools are closed today because of illness and it’s getting closer to mid-michigan. Both Vassar and Ashley school districts announced the buildings are shut down today so custodial staff can disinfect classrooms. Monday is presidents day and Vassar was already closed while Ashley shut down yesterday as well, giving the district 4 days to kill the germs. It’s moving closer to us too...earlier in the week schools in genesee county were closed for the flu.

The Washington Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday that a florist who refused to provide services for a same-sex wedding broke the state’s antidiscrimination law. THe florist claimed providing hte service ewould violate her religious beliefs. The courts ruling held that floral arrangements do not constitute protected free speech, and that providing flowers to a same-sex wedding would not serve as an endorsement of same-sex marriage.


Thursday, Feb. 16

Three people were arrested and ticketed Tuesday for hosting a nuisance party in Mt. Pleasant while four others were arrested for attending. Police were dispatched to the party shortly before 11 p.m. on Valentine’s Day for a report of a loud party and possible fight. When they arrived, police heard loud music and then a heated argument between two men who lived in the apartment,Police talked to the two men —both lived in the apartment and were hosting a party— and asked that all in attendance leave. Party-goers refused, and police ticketed and arrested seven people in total —three renters and four guests— on various charges, including attending or hosting a nuisance party and minors in possession of alcohol.

The search process for a new public safety director in Alma is moving forward as  current director David Walsh formalized his plans to retire, setting April 13 as his last day… Michigan Municipal League staff - hired in January for $12,500 by the city to conduct the search - met on Monday with city staff and public safety officials to develop a profile for the position. They’ll help the city create an ad, perform background checks, conduct preliminary screening interviews and facilitate candidate interviews. The job will be posted for 4 weeks before the narrow down period.


City parks and rec. Staff are proposing new per game field fees for Mt. Pleasant little league and youth softball leagues…$18 per game for baseball and $20 for softball….or $1800 for little league and over $2600 a season for the softball league, but city commissioners tabled the decision this week, holding a public forum on Feb. 27. Those league haven’t paid a per game field use in the past, and that has helped keep participation costs down for the hundreds of children who play...the leagues to chip in other ways...for example, little league foots the electric bill for scoreboards to the tune fo $1800. You can read more in that story on


An intoxicated man greeted police in only his underwear after they were called to a Mt. Pleasant gas station early Wednesday morning because the man refused to leave the store. Mt. Pleasant police were dispatched to the Shell gas station at 1911 S. Mission just after 3 a.m. because an apparently highly intoxicated man refused to leave. The man was in the bathroom when police arrived and when he walked out he was clad only in underwear, having left the rest of his clothes and his shoes on the bathroom floor. He was arrested for disorderly conduct, a preliminary breath test indicated his blood alcohol level was .25.

Michigan has thousands of aging and under-maintained dams that could pose localized risks. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality said that all but six of the state’s 88 potential high-hazard dams are approaching 50 years old, the average engineered life span for a dam. And 8 years ago, michigan got a D on dam structure safety, saying more than 90 percent of the state’s nearly 2,600 dams would reach or exceed their design life by 2020. A new report card is in the works for this spring, but experts say the grade “won’t be getting any better.”


Wednesday, Feb. 15

After sharing intimate moments over internet video chat platforms with strangers, at least three Mt. Pleasant men have found themselves the target of a blackmail scheme. In response, the Mt. Pleasant Police Department is hoping to raise awareness of the vulnerable position a person could find themselves in when recording things over the world wide web. In each case the men began a conversation with a person they believed to be a woman either on Skype, Facebook Live or Chatous. And after being intimate over video, the stranger threatened to share that recording publicly or with friends and family if the victim did not send money; none of the three sent money and instead went to police, which is what police say you should do; additionally, police warn that you should never do anything over the internet you wouldn’t want family to know about, and remember that who you’re talking to may not be who you think you’re talking to. You can find more in that story on

Vandalism, not wear and tear destroyed a footbridge in ALma’s Conservation PArk, one of several incidents of intentional destruction in the city in recent weeks. a concrete culvert will replace the wooden foot bridge, which h has been in the park since the 1980s….additionally a bulletin board and other items look to be vandalized in the park as well. Police plan to do some extra patrolling in the park area to combat the issue.

After hearing comments from nearly 20 people at a public hearing, Mt. Pleasant city commissioners Monday voted not to rezone the former SBX building to allow for multiple family housing. The property, just across from the Central Michigan University campus, also houses Kaya Coffee House. A Local developer, wanted to buy the property from the current owner. McGuirk requested the property be rezoned from its current commercial zoning status to M-2 residential. City commissioners voted 4-3 to deny the rezoning.

Five people were arraigned in Gratiot County Court on charges related to a home invasion and robbery that left a victim injured after the perpetrators beat him with a billy club and cut him with a machete. Police were  watching several locations in the Middleton area Friday after beginning an investigation into the robbery the week before. Information led police to believe that some of the five suspects had fled on foot down a railroad track and footprints in the snow and mud confirmed it,t. After tracking the group for about a mile, police found them in a deer blind; all were clearly intoxicated, laughing and high fiving eah other; the four adults face armed robbery among other charges which carries a sentence of up to life in prison; a 16 year old arrested was taken to a juvenile detention center and the court is being petitioned to charge him as an adult too. You can find more in that story on

A former teacher at Renaissance Public School Academy in Mt. Pleasant has filed a federal lawsuit, alleging a violation of her right to free speech and racial discrimination. Mika Yamamoto, who taught fifth grade at the school, is demanding a jury trial in the suit, which names as defendants the school and Principal, and alleges that she was fired for speaking to roughly 100 middle school students about matters of public concern including domestic violence and discrimination against women; Yamamoto is alleging violations of her First and Fourteenth Amendment rights. The principal  said she cannot comment on the lawsuit, but said she and other Renaissance officials are proud of their policies, practices and history of non-discrimination.

With or without a Walmart, the Clare North Industrial Park will thrive, city officials said this week. In fact, when the city worked with local developers to create the park, Walmart was not part of the equation. Walmart, which recently scrapped plans for a store in the park, still owns a parcel purchased from other park developers...other corporations that have purchased property in the park include Consumers Energy, which invested $8.5 million on a facility and is keeping jobs in Clare,  The White Pallet Chair and Northern Logistics.



Tuesday February 14, 2017

At his sentencing Monday in Gratiot County court, Aaron Miller who is 28 was given 12 months in jail for stalking; he had faced a jury trial for additional charges included sexual assault but was acquited on all aside fromt eh stalking charge, which alleged he was sending unwanted text messages to a woman. Miller now faces circuit court arraignment next week on a separate case; he’s accused of sending a different woman an unsolicitied graphic andsexual video over Facebook messenger.

After many years, renovation of the Maples building in Alma is finally complete. Alma city representatives will be on hand to view the newly-completed apartment complex during an open house from 5-7 p.m. on Feb. 20 at the building, located at 101 W. Downie St.  if you’re interested in renting, All three units available are two bedrooms, and are renting for $658.00 per month, which includes the utilities. To be eligible to rent one of the three affordable units, a single person cannot make more than $29,500 per year; a two-person family can make up to $33,700 per year.

Changes in safety and security will be coming to Mt. Pleasant public schools in 2017. The Michigan State Police announced Monday morning that 25 public school districts, 24 non-public schools and three charter schools will receive approximately $2 million in state grants to purchase equipment or technology to improve the safety and security of school buildings. Mt. Pleasant will receive $79,885 in grants — the sixth highest amount of the 52 schools awarded.

Michigan gas prices continue to be significantly more expensive than this same time in 2016. According to AAA Michigan, prices are 80 cents more than the second week of February in 2016. They have risen by about 7 cents per gallon in the past week. As of  Sunday that the average price for self-serve regular unleaded gasoline was about $2.31 per gallon.

A 36-year-old man sentenced in 1998 to life in prison without parole for murdering a Gratiot County substitute teacher was re-sentenced Monday, which ultimately will give him the chance to be in front of a parole board in nine years. Garry Steffenhagen was 17 and a student at St. Louis High School when he was arrested and tried by a jury for the murder of William “Bill” Sklener in February 1998 during an attempted armed robbery. A 2016 supreme court ruling requires all juvenile lifers to be given a new sentence unless prosecutors an prove the perpetrator could not be rehabilitated. Steffenhaggen was given 26-60 years Monday for the murder and will be first eligible for parole in 9 years. You can read more in that story on the


Feb. 13, 2017

Even though the holiday season has ended, some holiday-themed light fixtures still remain up in Mt. Pleasant; an agreement with the Central Business District Tax Increment Financing Authority signed by property owners participating in hanging light curtains on business facades originally agreed to shut off the light curtains by Jan. 15 and remove them by Jan. 31. However some businesses still have the curtains up...and there’s no clear answer on when they’ll come down. THe costs of the lights was split 50/50 between the city and the business, but the business itself is responsible for the light bill. You can read more on that in the story on

Gift cards would hold their value indefinitely in Michigan under legislation put forward by two House members. Not only would it eliminate the expiration date on gift cards. They would also classify certain prepaid discount cards -- those use to purchase goods, services or classes at a lower-than-normal price -- as gift cards.

Meijer is recalling its Meijer brand Colby and Colby Jack deli cheese sold since early November because of potential listeria contamination. Meijer announced the recall Friday, Feb. 10 and said it only applies to the varieties sold over the deli counter. The recall covers the two types of cheeses sold from Nov. 10 through Feb. 9….no illness has been reported.

An Ithaca native is among 28 new troopers reporting for duty next week with the Michigan State Police. Nicholas Pendell, of Ithaca, will begin work at the Lansing post. In addition, two Lansing residents= will both begin serving mid-Michigan at the Mt. Pleasant post. All of the new troopers graduated Friday from the 132nd Trooper Recruit School

Plans that have been in the works for years for the construction of a Walmart in Clare have been halted. Walmart in 2015 entered into a purchase agreement on a 140-acre parcel of land just north of the U.S. 127 interchange and Colonville Road. At that time, nothing was finalized. A group of Clare businessmen had been working on getting Walmart to build at the location since 2007

Michigan residents who have defaulted on their student loans are eligible for a free one-on-one counseling as part of a state pilot program.The Michigan Department of Treasury is running the program with, a division of the National Student Loan Program;  it’s available to Michigan residents who have federal student loans from a public or private nonprofit Michigan college or university and are currently delinquent on their student loans. Participants must agree to provide their credit score twice during the pilot period, which runs until Jan. 1, 2018.

Ford Motor is spending $1 billion to take over a budding robotics startup to acquire more expertise needed to reach its ambitious goal of having a fully driverless vehicle on the road by 2021. The big bet announced Friday comes just a few months after the Pittsburgh startup, Argo AI, was created by two alumni of Carnegie Mellon University’s robotics follows a recent trend of companies seeking techy startup types to catapult plans forward.

The Michigan’s Capitol building’s aging infrastructure is starting to wear down. Out of sight behind the walls and beneath the floors, significant repairs and upgrades are needed to much of the Capitol’s plumbing, electrical, mechanical and fire suppression systems. For example rusting and deteriorating  pipes...which could even be a hazard. Any person in the area if one of those beams or pipes fails could be seriously injured or worse due to the extremely high temperature of the steam running through the pipes...The first and last major renovation and restoration project was almost 30 years ago, now there are plans to introduce legislation in the coming weeks that would tackle the problems….a facilities manager said if the building had certain renovations, the $800,000 s year utilities bill could be cut in half.


Friday, Feb. 10

Campus community members rallied against hate speech at central michigan university yesterday after news that an anti-semitic valentine’s day card was handed to a student by by a member of political student group. The College Republicans were holding a valentine’s day party where they exchanged member handed his bag of cards and candy to a random student and inside was a valentine that featured a photo of hitler with the words, “My love 4 u burns like 6,000 jews.” The story made national l news yesterday as  the university denounced the sentiment and met to consider what course of action to take. Watch for updates.


Winn-based Morbark has hired a new vice president to oversee supply chain operations including warehouse and distribution activities locally, across the nation and overseas.  Prior to his 20-plus years in manufacturing operations,


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