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Nominate a deserving teacher, educator, volunteer or administrative staffer in a Mid-Michigan school...even a mentor is eligible to win!!   

Each month someone YOU nominate wins a Golden Apple Trophy compliments of JNR Engraving, a Visa gift card donated by Allied Hearing, Isabella Community Credit Union & Weichert Realtors-Broadway Realty, a Pizza Party from Papa Johns of Mt Pleasant, Flowers from Three Wishes Floral and Design, & Golf from the Fields Golf Course- Golf from The Fields Golf Course in Ithaca

Congratulations to Jen Courtright from Mayes Elementary in Beal City - The December 2018 CFX Golden Apple Award winner

Zoe Mishler & Rebecca Salter both nominated Jen for the award saying..."Jen is a phenomenal teacher full of knowledge, compassion, and inspiration. She goes above and beyond for her students, and she truly cares about each and every child.  Ms. Courtright goes out of her way to show her students that she respects them, their, work, and their learning. Jen embodies all of the traits that make a fantastic teacher. The students of Beal City are truly honored to have her."

"Ms. Courtright has been a lifelong friend but the classroom is where she builds those true relationships with her students.  As a 4th grade STEM teacher, she has created a classroom like no other. The inclusivity and engagement that these students receive is beyond amazing. Each student has a role in the classroom when they first arrive, whether telling "Alexa turn on white board," or making sure everyone has been given the assignment, they feel and know they are valued.  For many this will have a life changing impact on them."

"My daughter just missed having her as a teacher, or I would have been like the many parents of now, racing to fill out the teacher request form for her 4th grade year. My son got lucky his 4th grade year, and is still lucky, to not only have her friendship but also as a member of the H.S. Robotics program, he has the pleasure of working with her once again.  Here is a story I'd like to share which encapsulates her passion for teaching and her students. Over the summer she began an Elementary Robotics program at the school (keep in mind the H.S. program is only three years old itself). She'd already introduced these cool ideas last year to her students and noticed their interest. She sought grant funding, used much of her own monies, and dedicated countless hours outside her normal work days, to develop and promote this summer program which has become the newest Robotics program at Beal City Schools, their elementary Lego League. Goose Caboose Competed at their first ever competition on Saturday December 1, 2018 where the team finished near top ten out of 36 teams and was recognized for having completed the most missions ever by a Rookie team!! Did I mention her kids nominated and she won the most Outstanding Mentor at that days event?!  One more story related to her reach and impact on her students, and then I will submit this nomination.  I came to pick up my son from helping her with the program after school, and I witnessed first-hand, the kids excitement from their fast talk to show and tell me everything about their robot.  But that's not the story...The story involves one student whose light was lit by Jen. He loves the lego program so much his parents had to buy him his own robot parts and legos so he could build at home. Even after being in school all day and apart of the after school program, he does his homework diligently and sometimes falls asleep with legos in hand. This same young man was working in the room after school when his mother stopped in and whispered something in his ear. He appeared upset and sad (almost crying). Being the amazing teacher Jen is, she asked him if all was okay while trying to make him laugh.  He said "I just have a headache." while wiping his eyes.  She decided to ask mom when she returned.  When the boy's mother arrived she talked with her outside the classroom and asked again if all was okay and what she said to him because he was visibly upset?  The mom's response, "I only told him I'd be picking him up a 1/2 an hour early today!"  

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