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12 Days of Christmas Presented by Ace of Diamonds - Winners List


Monday December 4th (Day 12) : 12 Prizes from Sagamok Mobil

-Winners: 6 Sagamok Mobile Certificates: Ron Johnson, Angela McGuirk, Helen Seeley, Emily Wiggins, Joe Conrad, Deb Neubecker

- Winners: 6 $50 Nbakade Gift Certificates: Roy Cummings, Julie Laity, Lanette Gale, Sue Milliard, Greg Wezensky

Tuesday December 5th (Day 11) : 11 Prizes from JR's All Star Cuts for Men

- 11- $15 Gift Vouchers for an All Star Cut

Winners: Nonie Gross, Sylvia Loomis, Angel Jackson, Julieann Shaw, Kelly Graveratte, Jeff Simmons, Diane Vanmeter, Andrea Garrison, Samantha Strand, Caleb Caley

Wednesday December 6th (Day 10) : 10 Prizes from Rooftop Landing Reindeer

- 10 - $20 Santa Bucks Certificates

Winners: Stacey Sprague, Jules Muck, Melissa Walteriet, Craig Droul, Glen Paveglro, Sherrie Hentzelman, Lau Bailey, Robert Hernandez, Elise Paveglro, Avalieh Bailey

Thursday December 7th (Day 9) : 9 Prizes from Dominos 

- 9- ( Dominos Pizza Pack- Large 2 Topping/8 Piece Wing/2 Liter w / FREE Delivery) 

Winners: Jennifer Gilbert, Julian Flary, Joe Yoder, Quinn Yurack, Brenda Obrien, Julie Christianson, Debbie Welsh, Nate Jonaitis, Dr. Connie Bills

Friday December 8th (Day 8) : Papa Johns of Mt Pleasant 

- 8 - Pizza Party Packs (4 Large Pizzas, 2 Breadsticks, 2 Two Liters)

Winners: Karmin Grondon, Scott Hoffman, Clarissa Harris, Jennifer Brigham, Stephanie Rydman, Angel Lynch, Chayton Gamba, Sabrina McGee

Monday December 11th (Day 7) : 7 Prizes from Vander Sys Tree Farm

- 7- Wreath Vouchers

Winners:Audra Stephens, Stehanie Marks, Kelly Carmin, Steven Peters, Greg Peters, Fredrick Cortneys

Tuesday December 12th (Day 6) : 6 Prizes from Creatively Glass

- 6- $40 Gift Certificates Winners: Allisha Gary, Lorrin Bambach, Gary Golding, Megan Lawless, Alice Harris, Crystal Smith

Wednesday December 13th (Day 5) : 5 Prizes from JNR Engraving

- 5 -Prizes worth $50 or more

Winners: Joan Brasher, Courtney Whalen, Tim Ruggirello, Michelle Turpin, Angie Swoffer

Thursday December 14th (Day 4) : 4 Prizes from JTS Auto Accessories

- 4 - $100.00 Vouchers 

Winners: Swezell Fancek, Julie Rademacher, Justin Della Maretta, Kelly Hamilton

Friday December 15th (Day 3) : 3 Prizes from Comfort Inn and Suites

- 3 - Romance Packages (Deluxe King Jacuzzi Room, Champagne, Premium Chocolates, Romantic Room Decorations) 

Winners: Cecilia Stevens, Stephanie McQuaid, Mary Lunham

Monday December 18th (Day 2) : 2 Prizes from Graff Mt Pleasant

- 2 - $450.00 Gift Certificate Packages

Winners: Heather Beauchamp, Mary Grahem

Tuesday December 19th (Day 1) : 1 Prizes from Ace of Diamonds 

- 1- $1000.00 Gift Certificate - Melissa Eggleston!

 Sign up to win prizes during the 12 Days of Christmas by stopping into the CFX Studio!!


Come to the CFX Studio and get your name in the CFX Prize Computer during the 12 Days of Christmas by placing an ornament on the CFX Giving Tree and you will be entered to win prizes!

- Buy an ornament to hang or we will have a paper one for you to add to the tree

- Adding an ornament to the tree is how you get registered to win! 

We will be giving a tree, donated by Vander Sys Tree Farm, along with all the ornaments to a family who needs it! 


Dec 2nd-Dec 19th: Find the Traveling CFX Giving Tree on location! 

- Add an ornament to the Traveling Giving Tree - get registered to win during the 12 Days of Christmas presented by Ace of Diamonds!!

Traveling Tree Destinations:



Dec 4th - 19th: Listen on air each day as we pick ornament(s) off the CFX Giving Tree to win great daily prizes!


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